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Amity Point is a small fishing village on the North Western tip of Stradbroke Island. Amity’s history dates back to the earliest exploration and settlement of Brisbane by John Oxley in 1824 and its name reflects the name of Oxley’s boat “The Amity” which sailed Into Moreton Bay through the South Passage.

As early as 1825 a Pilot Station was established at Amity and Amity Point became the main access point to the island for visitors arriving from Brisbane by boat over the next 150 years.


Today Amity is a quiet and tranquil escape where life is unhurried and uncomplicated. A glimpse into many backyards will reveal tractors and boats which attest to Amity being home to most of the island’s fishermen – both professional and amateur.

Amity’s waters are calm and clear and ideal for fishing, snorkelling and swimming. The jetty where the trawlers still tie up to unload their catches is a convenient fishing spot. There is an enclosed swimming area and sandy beach near the jetty that is popular with young families.

Amity has a well stocked general store that sells bait and fishing gear as well as a wide range of groceries, fuel, gas and ice. There are two fishermen who sell seafood direct to the public and can also organise fishing charters. The Amity Point Community Club welcomes visitors and there’s usually plenty of fresh fish as well as generous steaks, roasts and vegetarian dishes on their menu.